1.     What are Krazy Krauts and what sets them apart from other sauerkrauts?

Krazy Krauts are DELICIOUS certified-organic, raw wild fermented and live-culture probiotic vegetable and spice combinations. Krazy Kraut strives to make the highest quality products from only the best organic ingredients at competitive prices. Krazy Krauts are more generously spiced than other brands and all our recipes are designed with the Art of Asian Healing Food Energetics to be powerful probiotic catalysts for health. We also have a hand-chopped appearance unlike the standard thinly sliced kraut making for a much more delicious and crunchy pickled veggie salad experience.


2.     Does Krazy Kraut need to be refrigerated?

Yes.  For best quality and maximum shelf life store your jar in the fridge, before and after it is opened. Just like yogurt, Krazy Kraut contains live cultures and are best refrigerated immediately upon arriving home from your local grocer or market.


3.     How long does a jar of Krazy Kraut last?

Find the “Best By” date on the lid of your jar. As long as your jar has been stored in the fridge, Krazy Kraut has a two year shelf life based on this "Best By" date.  


4.     I bought another jar of Krazy Kraut and it is different than the last one, why is this?

While we do our best to make every jar of Krazy Kraut taste the same, they are naturally fermented and are made in small, artisanal batches and will vary somewhat in texture and flavor from batch to batch. Even in the fridge, they will slowly continue to ferment which will soften the texture as they age.


5.     How can I use my Krazy Kraut?

Krazy Kraut is delicious with any meal but especially on any salad or sandwich. Fermented vegetables can be used on any dish as a condiment to enhance flavor. Krauts are famous for being used as salad or sandwich toppings. 


6.     What is a probiotic?

Probiotics are healthy microbes that live primarily in our gut (aka “gut flora”) that are necessary for immunity and digestive health, as well as many other beneficial health attributes. Modern medicine now considers up to 80% of our immunity to be the probiotics in our gut.


7.     How do probiotics get into Krazy Kraut?

Probiotics start as soil microbes on our organic farms. We choose organic vegetables exclusively because organic farms have the healthiest and most abundant soil microbes. These microbes are the wild starter cultures that activate the fermentation process. Also known as lactic acid bacteria, these microbes multiply and digest the natural sugars in the vegetables into vinegars that preserve and enhance the nutritional content of the vegetables.


8.     How much Krazy Kraut do I need to eat to get enough probiotics?

A pint of mature, unpasteurized kraut has been shown to contain over a trillion microbes. This is equivalent to 1000 standard probiotic capsules so even an ounce of kraut contains the equivalent of up to 80 probiotic capsules. Thus just an ounce or two per day is a significant amount of probiotics. 


9.     What happens if I heat or freeze Krazy Kraut?

To preserve the live-culture probiotics, it is best to not freeze or heat Krazy Kraut above 113 degrees Fahrenheit. Adding krauts to any dish is a great way to include the delicious flavors without losing the probiotic protein dish, add wonderful flavor to soups.


10.  Where can I find your product?

Krazy Kraut can be found at Kroger, Giant Eagle, Whole Foods and many independent retailers.  Check our Where to Buy page for a location near you.